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Zagoria is a precious community of forty-six traditional villages 'Zagorochoria' in the northwest of Greece, well hidden behind the mountains. The region has a fairy tale like quality, with double and triple arched stone bridges, cobblestone paths and well-trod trails connecting the villages.

Many of Zagoria's settlements were depopulated through wars, poverty and immigration. Today, especially with outdoor adventure activities, Zagoria is experiencing a revival. The stone and slate houses with colorful windows and typical door locks are perfect retreats for those seeking serenity in nature and life as it was ages ago.

In Zagoria you will find rare animals and wildlife, flowers and medicine herbs. Most of the tourism is local; the area is really is different from 'postcard Greece ', unique and off the beaten path when it comes to travel in Greece.
Zagori contains the world's deepest gorge, mentioned in the 'Guinness World Records' book as the Vikos Gorge is the deepest in the world, in proportion to its width.

Walking in Zagori is something very special; a great network of paths makes hiking very easy from point to point, village to village, without the use of any transportation!

Discover this beautifull area  with hidden villages, unique nature and culture on your own or with a guide. Luggage transport during the walks is included.

zagoria hike mountains

Day 1: Meeting at Vitsa village. Hotel check in. Meet & Greet briefing with local guide, POC . Village walk. Diner and overnight in Vitsa.


Day 2: Loopwalk Paleo Choria - Old Villages; you tour around the old bridges that connected the villages decennia ago. The walk starts from Vitsa, down hilling the Vitsa Steps, in the heart of Vikos Gorge. You cross one of the famous arched bridges and start up hilling towards Koukouli. The walk continues to Kipi, where you can rest and see some more beautiful bridges, a real work of art! Through densed forest you hike to Dilofo, a village protected as a monument of local architecture. From here you walk back to Vitsa. Duration: 5-6 hours.

Day 3: The Vikos Gorge is a very impressive canyon and one of the deepest in the world! Morning transfer to Monodendri (2km), then you hike downhill where you'll meet the small river that flows through the gorge. Continue next to the stream, and walk right into the heart of the National Park. In the gorge  a lot of wild animals  such as pray birds, bears and wild boars still find refuge. The walk will end at Vikos village after a small ascent, around 40 minutes.  Dinner and  overnight in Vikos (or depending on the number of participants) in Aristi. Duration: 6-7 hours.


Day 4: In case you had an overnight in Aristi transfer to Vikos Village. Todays walk will take you towards Mikro Papingo. Start the tour by walking down to Voidomatis springs. After a small rest you start to climb the north-west face of Vikos Gorge direction Mikro Papingo. The views get more and more impressive as you hike up. The walk continues through forest and under the impressive Towers of Papingo, and you will soon reach the village. The afternoon can be enjoyed swimming by the natural pools near the village. Duration: 4 hours. Diner and overnight in Mikro Papingo.

zagoria Papingo

Day 5: You hike from Papingo towards the high plateaus of Mt. Timfi, reaching Drakolimni, an alpine lake. The walk begins in Mikro Papingo, one of the most beautiful villages of Zagori, and continues through beautiful and quiet scenery towards Astraka mountain refuge. On the way up you'll meet a lot of water springs (no need to carry a lot of water). After a small stop at the refuge, you continue another 1.30 hour to the Drakolimni, an alpine lake at 2050m. The scenery is magnificent as you have great views over Pindos mountain range. You hike back to the refuge where you have diner and stay for the night. Duration: 6 hours.

Day 6: A long day is ahead of you as today you have to cross Timfi mountain range, a long but beautiful walk. You start down hilling from the refuge reaching the big plains of the mountain. Under the impressive cliffs of Astraka you continue in the direction  of  the small water reservoir Loutsa Robozi, a place for the shepards to water the animals in summer. The walk brings you at the beginning of Megas Lakos an impressive canyon which ends at Vikos. As you cross a water spring you continue to the lands of Tsepelovo the final destination.  Duration: 8 hours.
Diner and overnight in Tsepelovo.

zagoria Vikos

Day 7: Your last day will lead you along old roads (kalderimia) through the plains of Vradeto, the highest village of Zagori. After a visit to Beloi, a view point into the gorge, you walk towards Vradeto. From there after a stop in the village you hike down the impressive Vradeto steps, a path wich takes you down to Kapesovo. Transfer to Elati. Duration: 7 hours.
Diner and overnight in Elati.

zagoria guesthouse

Day 8: After breakfast end of service.

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